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Only another Scorpio will understand just how much you have been through this year. Yet, you must realise that the planets are often tough in order to be kind, and the personal challenges you have encountered have made you a wiser, warmer person. You may still feel a little unnerved or unsettled, although I would honestly doubt whether you have anything substantial to worry about. Now is the moment to get your affairs back on an even keel. Or, at least, to start the process. Waste no time!

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There are two types of planetary aspects affecting all Capricorns at the moment; long-term formations which are difficult to pin down to a specific time, and short-term fluctuations which produce sudden changes of mood or plan. It is the latter which predominate today.

Whatever else happens, you can be sure that you are in a generally favourable period: the upsetting impact of Mars in personal relationships is countered by the confidence-boosting alignments of Mercury and Jupiter. The best advice comes from younger friends: chill out!

During the past few weeks you have begun to find your feet. Most important now is your recognition that emotional relationships pervade every aspect of human activity, including work.

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You still have to ensure that you are not being taken for granted, and ever so gently you can begin to raise your profile in an important relationship. Remember, though, that your attitudes are coloured by the way you would like things to be, rather than how they are. One way to enhance your money-earning skills could be to link up with the latest technology. Adverse or challenging planetary aspects do serve a useful purpose, and are forcing you to be a little more decisive.

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Home Daily. Your creative energy should now be at a peak, but not perhaps because the stars are all on your side.

enter site No gain without pain is a different way of doing it. Success will be guaranteed on the basis of your experience and skill. In fact, almost everything of importance seems to be concealed from public view.


What you see may be but the tip of a very large iceberg. Perhaps a close friend can help you view the secrets below the surface. You should give yourself some space to allow for romantic encounters, no matter what your age or inclination. Stock Market.

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Bold strategies, effective solutions and improved productivity, all at the helm of technology. Google adds new button to solve your most common browser problems.

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