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February 15, Calendar date and day info with India & International Holidays as well as Count Down.

Your gola this month is to stay grounded and healthy—physically, mentally, and emotionally. After January 5, you'll need to spend more time alone to reconnect with your higher self. The Leo lunar eclipse, which is opposite your sign on January 21, highlights your relationships and reminds you to embrace more of who you are. January 22 is like a big star to wish upon—mark your calendar! Your color: Berlin There Done That. Neutral and straightforward, it's lighter than you like but exactly what you need this New Year.

Your social life feels like more of a responsibility than pleasure—but think of it streamlining. The Leo eclipse means a motivation to better care for yourself. January 22 means doing more of what you love, which means more recognition for who you truly are. Your color: A Red-vival City. Confidence-building and no B. This isn't a go-to color for you, but you'll feel good in it. Think of this month as a productive one, where you plan to channel your energy in more constructive ways.

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Keep calm and move it along. The total lunar eclipse on January 21 turns more of what you love into work that benefits more than just your own enjoyment. January 22 is especially lucky for travel plans abroad—book them now! Your color: March in Uniform. Consider if your balancing color this month. Let your ideas seeped in emotional security shift a bit this month.

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The Leo lunar eclipse means unexpected changes related to your living situation, but nonetheless, they're for the best! Expect a cushier financial situation post—January Your color: Yank My Doodle. A gentle hue of orange stimulates your mind just enough. You'll feel right at home in this color. January 22 brings you the perfect partner—unless you're already in a relationship; then things look more positive! The full moon in your sign last month was the catalyst for your progress this month, realigning you with your goals.

On January 5 give or take a day or two , expect a new relationship opportunity—and say yes!

The Leo eclipse paired with Jupiter and Venus joining overhead means positive change, bringing you more into alignment with what you truly want. Expect a packed schedule, which means that your health needs to be a priority this month. No escapism, flights of fancies, or meaningless distractions! The lunar eclipse on January 21 signifies that you'll need to think bigger about how you connect with the world, beyond just your community and family.

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The partial solar eclipse on January 5 is particularly fertile in terms of creative projects, having fun, creating life—you choose. Your color: Vodka and Caviar.

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This color breaks you out of your shell and inspires you to try new things. The partial solar eclipse on January 5 helps you to create the changes you've been waiting for, so don't hesitate.

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Relationship matters come into play big time as well, and it's best to be straightforward about your needs and expectations. See the other person as yourself.

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The end of January is promising! Scorpio: Your mode of operation this month involves new ingenious strategies. Your life is shaking up quite a bit this month, especially after January But the most important thing to decide is what sign you are.

So, If you were born on July 22ndrd or August 22ndrd, please check with the Zodiac Sign Calculator see the link below , or get your complete horoscope chart, to be sure of your star sign. Click the header to get there.


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