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See all references. Let the show begin now as we brace ourselves for the movement into another decade and a monumental astro aspect that happens only once every years. We have time to get completion and closure this month as well as start some new projects and the best way to choose is to remember our desire for energy congruence, divine harmony, energy fit and flow. December starts off with the end of a 12 year cycle as Jupiter moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn where it will be joined by numerous other planets over the course of the month to prepare for the January event.

What were you doing in that can get an energy refresh now? Have you put in enough effort and are now ready to let it go because it has run out of energy road?

Every memory has an energy that becomes part of our energy field and acts as a filter for all of the energy we receive. Is it going to be a limiter or an expander, a reminder of a painful past and what we call our failures, or a reminder of our strength, determination, tenacity, and light? Are we engaging in self sabotage because we want validation for our pain? Another theme for December is self awareness but that is not a simple process of deciding we are going to start thinking about who we are or who we want to be.

There is a much bigger aspect to self awareness that encompasses our humanity and our divinity, a process of self and Self integration that creates a perfectly calibrated, congruent alignment of our whole self so we operate with ease and grace in all dimensions, material and spiritual. This is a very karmic full moon, so watch for old karmic cycles to rise up around then. These tend to surprise us because thy involve people and situations that we do not associate with karmic experiences.

Then we have the winter solstice on December 21, Christmas Eve and Day — the 24 th and 25 th , and on the 26 th we have a new moon eclipse that really sets off the fireworks because it is in Capricorn and it is the starting bell for the next 3 weeks of Capricorn action. Other big themes that arise in December are relationships — romantic and family — and what we want and need from them. This is also going through a big review so expect to have the courage to make more clear and confident choices now, even the choices you have been avoiding all year or longer.

Since this is a month for clearing and energy re-sets and re-vibes, think of what no longer serves you, or the expectations you can release of those who cannot meet them, or the relationship stories you have been using as a shield to protect yourself from moving beyond your painful memories.